Benny’s Pennies Book Activity

Large group lesson using the story Benny’s Pennies.


Incorporates rhymes, prediction, math, and recall.


  • Book: Benny’s Pennies
  • Flannel board
  • Flannel board pieces
  • Posterboard
  • Pennies (real or cutouts)

Lesson Plan:

  1. During large group, read the story, Benny’s Pennies.
  2. Have the children predict what Bennie will buy with each penny based on the illustrations.
  3. Emphasize the rhyming words as you read the story.
  4. After the story, help children recall what Benny bought first, second, and third by giving clues about each item.
  5. As children recall each item (a rose, cookie, paper hat, fish, and a bone), place a flannel board piece of that item on the flannel board.
  6. Next, introduce a chart with pictures of each item Benny bought.
  7. Give each child a penny and have them come up and paste their penny on one item they would buy.
  8. Later, share the results of the chart with the children.


You could extend the activity with rhymes by finding words that rhyme with children’s names (like the characters in the book).

By: Tonya, preschool teacher


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