Group Cooperation Activity for Preschool or Kindergarten


This activity supports social and emotional development, as well as providing positive guidance.


The goal during this activity is to observe communication of thought, feelings and ideas.


  • A ball of thick white yarn
  • A group of ten children or more

Lesson Plan:


Ask the kids if they think people can spin webs like spiders. This question usually stirs up the curiosity, and next comes the rules of the game.


  1. Introduce the activity with the above question & suggest that we should try to spin a web as a group…
  2. Join group in a big circle (sitting down) and show them the white yarn…
  3. Explain that you will begin spinning the web by holding the end of the yarn ball tightly in your lap and then picking a friend to toss the remaining ball to… “I pick John to help spin our web”…
  4. When John catches it, share something you like about him (i.e., “I like how John shares with his friends”)…
  5. Remind John to hold the yarn string tight in this lap, as he picks the next friend to toss the ball of yarn to…
  6. The activity proceeds until the ball is complete, and the number of times a child is picked doesn’t matter, unless of course the circle has gone through everyone (with teacher assistance, “I think Sally would like to join our web”)…
  7. It’s fun to see how huge your life size web has become. Sometimes it’s fun to see if the group can stand up together without getting tangled in it too!


This activity successfully provides experience in sharing materials, responsibilities, and social problem solving. And most importantly…the children enjoy it! I bet you’d never know that I, the teacher, was reluctant to introduce it due to a lack of her own self confidence! This activity is for all ages:) Try it today!!

By: Faine, Pre-Kindergarten Teacher


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