If You Give a Mouse a Cookie… Sequencing Wheel Activity


My favorite book is one in a series by Numeroff, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, where the children design their own story, using a literature “wheel” and fill in each part of the wheel with the next thing the mouse will want. The top portion of the wheel is turned to see the next desire of the mouse.


  • 2 cardboard oaktag circles, approximately 10 inches in diameter
  • brad to connect the circles


  1. Divide bottom circle into sections like a pizza.
  2. Cut a piece out of the top circle, shaped like a wedge of pizza pie.
  3. Place the top circle on the bottom circle and connect with a brad so it will turn easily.


The children create their story, sequencing the activities of the mouse, drawing or writing the next part of the sequence, until it is back to the beginning. Then they can retell their story to a friend, showing each section of the wheel.


This is a fun but time consuming project that takes some thought on the part of the children to go full circle and back to the item in the beginning. Help them plan it out ahead of time and then about their drawings or details. The project was quite successful with my second graders.

By: Jan Formisano, 2nd Grade Teacher

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