Guided Reading Lesson for If You Give A Mouse a Cookie


This lesson will help students to make predictions using the pictures and the text. It will also help them with sequencing and recognizing words.


  • If You Give a Mouse a Cookie – Hardcover or Big Book
  • A teacher “cookie jar” costume
  • a mouse costume
  • charts with cookie maps
  • markers – two different colors
  • sentence strips with vocabulary
  • flash cards
  • cookie jar with cookies
  • blank cookie-shaped paper for the students to create their own story
  • other books with a cookie theme
  • The words to “Who Stole the Cookies” on a chart


  1. Introduce the lesson by asking the students if they like cookies. Then ask the students what is their favorite kind of cookie.
  2. Have the students read the title of the book and look at the picture on the cover.
  3. Have the students relate their own experiences to the title by asking them what they have with a cookie. (The teacher will share that she drinks a glass of water with her cookie.) The teacher will build upon responses by asking what they would want or need next.
  4. Have the students predict what is going to happen next in the story. Write a few precictions on a cookie map.
  5. Read the book aloud to the students. Stop at various points to check predictions and make new ones.
  6. At stopping points, have the students share unfamiliar vocabulary words. Read the sentence containing the unfamiliar word. The teacher will record the sentence on one of the sentence strips, place it on the board and discuss the words meaning. A student will then place a vocabulary flash card on the board above the unfamiliar word.
  7. After you have finished reading the book, ask questions that compare the original predictions prior to reading the book to what actually happened on a second cookie map.
  8. A “cookie mouse” will then enter the classroom. The mouse will ask the students questions about what happened in the story. After answering a question, the mouse will give the student a cookie.
  9. The teacher and the “cookie mouse” will teach the students the chant “Who Stole the Cookies”.


As an extention to this activity, I would bring in other cookie theme books to be placed in a reading center, so students can read them on their own. As a follow up activity, the students can write their own cookie story on the cookie shaped paper provided.

By: Jennyfer, Preschool Teacher

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