We Learn Our ABC’s Media Center Lesson


The children attend Library class for 30 min. each week. They learn the letters of the alphabet as well as learn to recognize words and objects that begin with those letters. They also learn how the library is organized.


  • Patience, Love, Courage, and Determination
  • poster board cut out in the bear pattern
  • construction paper cut out in the bear pattern
  • enough letters of the alphabet for each child to have a complete set
  • roll on glue
  • pictures from magazines that have been cut out and placed in shoe boxes
  • shoe boxes with the letters of the alphabet written all over them – one letter per box
  • plastic to cover your library tables or newspaper
  • Alphabet books that have simple stories in them

Lesson Plan:

  • When children have seated themselves in their assigned seats, read an alphabet story to them.
  • Tell them they will hear a different alphabet story each week until they have completed their own alphabet books. Explain the process:
    • The first week they will write their names on the book. Remember these are Kindergarten and 1st graders. This activity will take about 20 minutes.
    • The second week and each week that follows they will glue the first letter onto the construction page and find two pictures from the picture box that begins with the letter of the alphabet.
  • They willl utitlize several skills. As they are working, you will walk around and remind them that the picture beings with the correct letter and that this is the order that fiction books are placed on the shelves, all according to the author’s last name. As you are teaching this lesson you will teach them what an author is and why they must clean up after themselves before they leave.


I am a middle school librarian, who was “blessed” with a school that turned into a K-8 school overnight. I had never interacted with young children except my own and my one grandchild. Needless to say I was in over my head. I did not know how or what to teach and I began this lesson. This is how I taught my sons their alphabets before they entered school. It worked out. I found this lesson encouraging. I had an aide working with me. There were usually 18 to 20 children.

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