Thanksgiving Friends Being Thankful Lesson


Why we are thankful for what we have and what makes us thankful.


You need to find a class that will exchange email with you. I have found that many teachers are willing to do this. It can be friends or someone new.

Lesson Plan:

For several days before this lesson we talk about why we are thankful for what we have and what makes us thankful.

We talk about why we are thankful and the things we are thankful for. I try to steer the kids away from material items. I talk a lot about family, friends, etc. I use several books during this time but they are all more historical. Two really great books are:

We then email historical facts we have learned from reading these books. We also research the Internet. This is a great learning experience for the children. I was surprised how many of them did not understand the true meaning of Thanksgiving. Not only do we learn but the children have made new friends.

By: Amy Koch, Kindergarten Teacher

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