Thanksgiving Quilt


Students create their own quilt square showing what they are thankful for and assemble into a class quilt.


  • felt, cut 9″ x 9″ for each student
  • large piece of felt
  • fabric glue

Lesson Plan:

  1. Begin the lesson by brainstorming a class list of things your students are thankful for.
  2. Provide each student with a 9″ by 9″ felt square.
  3. Have students create a quilt square that shows what they are thankful for.
  4. Students can draw/cut out pictures. They can bring items from home including photographs or they can choose to cut out words or phrases using felt and fabric scraps. Encourage students to be as creative and inventive as possible.
  5. When each student has completed their quilt square, you can sew it together or use fabric glue to adhere it to a large piece of felt or burlap. Children will enjoy the quilt all year long.
By: Stacey Mitchell, Kindergarten Teacher

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