Halloween Candy Sort


A post-Halloween math activity that uses sorting, classification, and a Venn Diagram.


  • a large piece of butcher paper
  • candy wrappers

Lesson Plan:

  1. Have students bring in a variety of candy wrappers after Halloween.
  2. As a class, sort the candy wrappers into groups (tootsie rolls, chocolate candy, chewy candy, hard candy, candy bars, etc.)
  3. As a class you can create ways to sort and classify the candy.
  4. Create a Venn diagram that sorts and classifies the different characteristics of the candy.
  5. Students can glue the candy wrappers directly to the Venn Diagram.

Editor’s Note: Another important skill can be introduced into this activity by analyzing the results shown in the graph. After graphing activities with my class, I prefer to ask what the graph tells us about the information we gathered. I then write their quotes and display them along with the graph.

By: Stacey Mitchell, Kindergarten Teacher

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