M & M Counting Chart


Children graph the M&Ms by color, graph their favorite color M and M as a class.


To learn how to count and to help reinforce colors.


Lesson Plan:

  1. Pass out a handful of M & M’s to every child in the class.
  2. Have them put the colored M & M’s on the correct spot on their graph.
  3. Have them count how many green ones they have. Then how many brown ones and so on…
  4. Let the children then eat the M & M’s and then ask them what their favorite color of M & M is.
  5. Then make a chart showing the children’s favorite M & M colors.
  6. Have them answer questions such as what is the most favorite color of the class? What is the least favorite color?
  7. List the favorites in order from greatest to smallest.


The kids love this counting activity!

By: Debbie Haren, preschool teacher

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  1. This was so cool, the children enjoyed it and so did I M & M’s yum yum

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