Counting: Make a Cheerios Necklace


The students count to 10 or 20 by making Cheerios necklaces.  This is also a good activity for developing fine motor skills.


To learn to count to 10 (preschool) or 20 (Kindergarten).


  • Book: The Cheerios Counting Book
  • construction paper squares numbered 1-10 or 1-20
  • cheerios
  • yarn
  • scissors

Lesson Plan:


Read the book The Cheerios Counting Book. Discuss the numbers and count in the book the number of cheerios shown on each page.


Discuss with the children how old they are and have them show you their age using their fingers.


Have the number cards on the table – one for each child in your class. Have the children sit down and then give each child a handful of cheerios. Have the children take their square and put the right amount of cheerios on it. Talk to the children about what each number is as they put the cheerios on. Let them eat the extra cheerios while you talk about the numbers.


Give the children more cheerios. Use the yarn to make cheerios necklaces with the kids. Have them count their Cheerios as they put them on their necklace. If you are teaching preschoolers, use 10 as the number. If you are doing this with kindergartners, let them put 20 cheerios on their necklaces.


You could also have Cheerios for snack that day, if you wish.

By: Debbie Haren, Preschool Teacher

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