Colored Sand Art


The children try different mediums to create works of art.


  • sand
  • food coloring
  • sandwich bags
  • construction paper
  • trays
  • glue

Lesson Plan:

  1. Pour a cup or two of sand into a sandwich bag.
  2. Have the child choose a food color and then add a few drops to the bag.
  3. Have the child shake the sand until the coloring is evenly distributed throughout the sand.
  4. Empty the bags out on trays by color.
  5. Have students sit down with colored or white construction paper and make a picture with a pencil or marker.
  6. Then, have them outline the picture with glue.
  7. Have the students choose sand to put onto the glue. The colored sand can be sprinkled on by hand of shaken on by using salt or pepper shakers. Just be sure the holes on the salt or pepper shakers are small!


Do not use more then a few drops of food coloring per bag or the sand gets too wet!!!

By: Debbie Haren, Preschool Teacher


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