Bears: Position Words


Teaches students the positions of on, in, under, behind, and beside using Goldilocks & the Three Bears


Lesson Plan:


  1. Motivate the students by having a black trash bag with the teddy bears in it where all the students can see it.
  2. Talk about how heavy the bag is. Ask the students if there is anything under, beside, behind, or on the bag.
  3. Lead students to the conclusion that something is in the bag and that is why it is heavy.
  4. Tell students that you cannot wait to find out what is in the bag.
  5. Explain to the students that they can guess what is in the bag while reading the book.


  1. Read the title, author, and illustrator of the book.
  2. Discuss the illustrations on the cover. (In James Marshall’s edition, discuss how it looks like the three bears are leaving the woods and the girl is about to go into the woods. Tell students that you wonder what the girl will do in the woods.)
  3. While reading, ask the students the following: 1) Did Goldilocks eat porridge that was under the bowl? 2) Did she eat porridge that was beside the bowl? 3) Where was the porridge that she ate?
  4. Ask the same type of questions when Goldilocks sits in the chairs and lays on the beds.


  1. After reading, pick up the black trash bag and have students guess what is in the bag.
  2. Show the teddy bears in the bag. Pass out a teddy bear to each student.
  3. Have students hug their bear while explaining that they will be playing a game where the teacher will tell them where to put the teddy bear.
  4. Model first, and then tell students to place their bear on their head, on their shoulder, under their arm, beside their face, behind their back, and in their hand.
  5. Repeat the game.
  6. Review by placing a bear somewhere in the classroom (on the chair or under the table) and have students say where the bear is.


Realizing how hard it is to get a teddy bear for each student, I had some donated by an organization that makes teddy bears for children who are in the hospital. The children were able to keep their teddy bears and take them home.

By: Mindy, Pre-K/Primary Education Major

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