Halloween Creative Writing Project



Students practice writing creatively from the pumpkin’s point of view and build on creative writing skills.


  • A sheet of paper with a pumpkin shape drawn on it.
    (Lines can be drawn to help younger students write in a straight line.)
  • Pumpkin Printables

Lesson Plan:

I start by telling the students that they are each a pumpkin in Mr. Smith’s pumpkin patch.

Next, I tell them that I am shopping for a pumpkin to carve and put on my porch for Halloween. Their objective is to write to me and tell me why they are not a good pumpkin for me to choose. I stress that they should use creative adjectives to enhance their writing.

At the end of the project, I read the pumpkin writings to the class and I choose the one pumpkin that I would definitely not dare to touch for my Halloween decoration.


I have used this lesson several times. The students really get into the writing. It’s amazing to see how creative your students can get and how much they will enjoy writing without knowing that the project is a skill building one.

By: Jennifer Offt, 4th grade teacher

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