Tissue Leaf Rubbings


Make a beautiful picture with tissue paper leaf rubbings.


Students will develop the shape of texture of a leaf.


  • 5″ squares of tissue paper in autumn colors
  • fresh leaves with prominent veins
  • pieces of brown crayons
  • (1) 6″x18″ white construction paper
  • liquid starch in a small container
  • paint brush and paper towel

Lesson Plan:

  1. Put a leaf on the table with the vein side up. Place a single piece of tissue paper on the top of the leaf and rub over the top of the leaf with the side of the crayon. This will pick up the vein pattern.
  2. Repeat step one on different colors of tissue paper. Then tear out the leaf shape rubbing on each piece of paper.
  3. Using the paintbrush, cover the 6″x18″ white construction paper with liquid starch. One at a time lay the tissue leaves on the paper, covering each piece with liquid starch before adding another.

Suggested Books:

By: J. Morrison, 6th Grade Teacher

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