Main Idea Activity


Children will be able to indentify the main idea of a story by writing a title and drawing a picture that goes with the title.


  • You can use any story book
  • chart paper
  • white drawing paper
  • markers and crayons.
  • Zip lock bag
  • pen, pencil, and paper
  • stamp

Lesson Plan:

  1. Have the children sit together on a rug. Teacher will have a story book to read. The cover of the book will be covered.
  2. Teacher tells the children they will hear a story but not know the title. It is the childrens’ job to come up with a title for the book and a picture for the cover.
  3. Before reading the story, teacher will have two zip lock bags. One bag is filled with envelope, pen, pecil, stamp and paper. Teacher will says let’s pretend this is a book. what would be a good title for this book.(a) The Elephant is Hungry(b) Franklin Writes a Letter ( c)Spring Has Sprung
  4. Discuss all answers.
  5. Teacher reads story and children will give titles for that story.
  6. Teacher writes responses down on chart paper.
  7. Children write a title and draw a picture to match the story.
  8. Share childrens’ work.
By: 1st Grade Teacher


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