Thanksgiving : The Mayflower


Students will be able to identify what a pilgrim is and what it was like to travel on The Mayflower.


Lesson Plan:

Using the book as a guide discuss

  • What is a Pilgrim?
  • Life on The Mayflower
  • What did the Pilgrim take on their trip?
  • Where did the Pilgrims sleep on the Mayflower?

After discussion and questions students will make their own Mayflower ships.

Directions for ships:

  1. Give each student two brown boat shapes, two white triangles, one craft stick and a blue piece of paper.
  2. Students first put together their boats by gluing the edges of their boat pieces together.
  3. Then glue the craft stick in the opening between the brown boat sides.
  4. Place the sails on both sides of the craft stick, and then glue the boat to blue paper (water).
  5. Students will use lined paper to write two sentences about The Mayflower.
By: Mandy Wallace

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