Dictionary Skills


This is a lesson which will help students review their spelling words while practicing dictionary skills


Students will successfully locate words in the dictionary and will demonstrate awareness of guide words


Lesson Plan:

  1. Teacher will review the meaning and use of guide words.a. Guide words are found at the top of each page in the dictionary (some dictionaries place them on the far left and right of two facing pages). They tell the first and last words found on that page(s).
  2. Teacher will prepare the following instructions and create a worksheet.a. Choose 10 words from your spelling list.

    b. Look them up in the dictionary.

    c. Find the guide words for each spelling word you have chosen.

    d. Write the spelling word, the dictionary page number, and the guide words on the page where the word is found.


    Spelling Word page # Guide Words
    tradition 240 tapir – trapeze


This could be used as a center activity or a homework assignment.

By: Upsadaisy

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