Teamwork Lesson for Learning to Work Together (6th Grade)


Students will learn how to work in groups.


  • Students will be able to define teamwork.
  • Students will work together to brainstorm 3/4 words that teamwork means to them.
  • Students will develop three or four positive guidelines for working in a group together.


  • Markers
  • Bristol Boards

Lesson Plan:

Anticipatory set:

Name teams in your city or region. (Examples: Name the Toronto Argos, Blue Jays, Maple Leafs and Raptors.)

Ask the class what they have in common? They are all teams.

What does it mean to be a team? To be able to work together to succeed. We review what it means to succeed and have goals.



Put students in group with piece of paper and marker. Each group is to brainstorm 3 to 5 words that mean teamwork to them. (5 minutes)

Go over some of the words on the front board.


Each group is to come up with their own definition of teamwork – in a sentence or two what does team work mean to them. (10 minutes)

Go around the class ask each group to read their definition.


Each group will come up with three guidelines for working in groups which will help all groups succeed. (5 minutes)

Go around class reading rules.


Each group will trace their hand on the piece of paper and put their name in it. Each group will put their definition of team work on the bottom of the Bristol board.


The boards will be placed on a wall in the room. They are colorful and look great when parents or administrators come into the room!

Teamwork means we have to be able to work together to share a common goal.


This lesson should take 45 minutes to an hour. It is a great way to get students working together. Use different color markers and Bristol board. They look great in the classroom – class made posters!

By: R.L, Grade 6 Teacher

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