Friendship – Do You Want to Be My Friend?


Uses Eric Carle’s Do You Want to Be My Friend? to teach about friendship.


To teach social skills and how to develop friendships.


Lesson Plan:

  1. Discuss the meaning of being a friend and what good qualities are in a friend.
  2. Read the story.
  3. Discuss the mouse’s search for the perfect friend.
  4. What good qualities were in each friend he found?
  5. Make a friendship rainbow to hang over the entrance way to your door.
  6. Use the kids hand prints in each color.
  7. Talk about what friends the children have made since they have been in school.
  8. What is a good quality about that friend? Why do they like that friend and what activities do they do together?
  9. After the rainbow dries hang it over your door with the saying – A Rainbow of Friendship Hand in Hand.
By: Amy, Kindergarten Teacher

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