Elf Entrance Holiday Activity


This is a great holiday decoration and also teaches about helping others in need. The kids love it.


  • Book: The Elves and the Shoemaker-Brothers Grimm
  • 14 x 26 inch of butcher paper — I usually pick red or green for Christmas.
  • small bell
  • dark green or red kitchen towel
  • 6 x 6 circular piece of cardboard
  • 3 x 7 inch poster board piece or cardstock
  • popcorn
  • red, gold, or green ribbon
  • small poinsettia flower (optional)
  • heavy clear tape
  • juice bottle cap
  • cork from a bottle

Lesson Plan:

Read the story. Talk about helping others first, then go into how does Santa’s elves help him…. what nice things do they do. Talk to them about the possibility of elves coming to our room.

I usually do this before St. Nick Night. We hang stockings by a mock fireplace, etc. for this occasion. When the children leave, I begin my work… I usually do this outside my classroom door for others to see.

  1. Take the butcher paper and tape to the wall wherever you want your elf entrance to be.
  2. Pop several batches of plain popcorn.
  3. Hot glue popcorn on to the circular piece of cardboard. Fill the wreath up layer upon layer.
  4. Glue the poinsettia to the wreath where ever you like.
  5. Tie the ribbon into a bow. Attach near the flower. This is your wreath for the elf door.
  6. Cover the juice cap with whatever color you desire of paper. Glue to the cork.
  7. Tie a piece of yarn to the bell.
  8. Glue the cork (door handle) to the elf door where a doorknob would be.
  9. Hang the bell on the doorknob.
  10. Tape the dishcloth to the floor in front of the door. (door mat)
  11. Write Elf Entrance on the poster board or cardstock.
  12. Attach a string for hanging. Tape above the elf door.
  13. When the wreath is dry, glue or tape the wreath in the center of the door (where a wreath would go).


When the children come back the next day, they are full of squeals and excitement. We have elves in our room! I usually hang elf hats made out of felt on their coat rack and have spray-painted some small girls’ dress shoes red and green. I attach white pom poms to the toes and ribbon. This is some work, but the excitement of the children is worth the effort.

By: Amy Koch, Kindergarten Teacher


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