10 Apples Up On Top Class Book Activity


Make class books as a follow-up activity to this great Dr. Seuss book.


Lesson Plan:

  • To make the pages, I cut 11 x 17 tagboard in half (the long way). The girls’ book had 11 pages, since I had 11 girls, and the boys’ book had 10 pages, since I had 10 boys.
  • I pasted the sentence “________ has _____ apples up on top.” and a photocopied picture of each student on the bottom of each page.
  • To determine how many apples each student would have on top, I had them draw numbers, then distributed apples to each table so children could count out the number of apples they would need.
  • The kids then pasted their apples on top of their heads. We used apple shaped calendar cutouts… the kind with green on one side and red on the other. Since the cutouts were 2-sided, some chose to make a pattern.
  • The kids filled in the blanks with their name and the number of apples.
  • Each book counted from 1-10, or 1-11 – “Tiarra” has 1 apple up on top, “Emily” has 2 apples up on top, “Cindy” has 3 apples up on top… and so on. These two books have been a favorite read for the kids all year.

By: Amanda Post, A to Z Teacher Stuff

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