Learning the Days of the Week


Song lyrics for singing about the days of the week.


To teach children the days of the week through a song.

Lesson Plan:

During group time this can be sung everyday to help children learn the days of the week.

For the day of the week the song is:

Today is Monday all day long doo-dah doo-dah
Today is Monday all day long all the doo dah day

For all the days of the week at one time the song is:

(Sung to the tune of Happy Days)
Sunday, Monday
Happy Days!
Tuesday, Wednesday
Happy Days!
Thursday, Friday
Happy Days!
What a Day,
What a Day to watch cartoons…

I have changed the last line in the song to whatever their favorite cartoon is such as,” Saturday! What a Day to watch Scooby Dooo!” The kids love changing the last line to their favorite cartoon.

Also the Today is— all day long can be used for everyday of the week. The kids need to wave their hands back and forth when they sing the song.

On the Happy Days song, the kids clap their hands as they say happy days. Each time they say happy days they clap it out as well as sing it.

They love to do this everyday!

Grade Level(s): Preschool, K
By: Debbie Haren, Preschool Teacher

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