Animal Alphabet: Kindergarten Zoo ABC Review Activity


Review the alphabet with A, My Name is Alice & an animal alphabet hall display or class book.


Book: A, My Name is Alice

One large sheet of construction paper for each child.

Lesson Plan:

  • Create a “Kindergarten Zoo” to display in the hall, or turn into a class alphabet book!
  • After reading the book, let the children select pictures of animals for an assigned or chosen letter of the alphabet, glue them on their paper, and write the letter underneath.
  • Pick the level for your children. I have used this before and had the children write a sentence underneath their pictures, as well using some of the animal names and facts which are found on the computer encyclopedia.
  • After each child completes their page, have them tell about their creation and read their sentence (if you did this).
  • Then, put them up in the hall under the caption “Kindergarten Zoo”

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By: Amy Koch, Kindergarten Teacher

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