100th Day of School 50-50 Book


Write a book listing groups of 50 opposites. I did this with my students, and they called it “The 100 Book” because each page spread has 100 items.


  • markers
  • large white sheets of construction paper
  • Book:  Ten Black Dots by Donald Crews

Lesson Plan:

I do this after I read Ten Black Dots which reinforces counting skills. We talk about how many groups of ten it takes to make 50 and how many groups of ten it takes to make 100. Then, we write a book making lists of “50” opposites.


50 things in the sky – 50 things on the ground
50 hot things – 50 cold things

For smaller children you might use things like:

50 toys I would want – 50 toys I would never want
50 blue things – 50 red things, etc…easier questions.

Write a sentence using some of the examples above on dual sheets stapled in the form of a book. On one side write one group of 50 things, on the next the other 50 which should be the opposite.

Share the book with other classes for the 100th day of school celebration.

By: Amy Koch, kindergarten teacher

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