100th Day Activities


100 lipstick kisses, make a 100 stamp book, estimate time it takes to do 100 things, and other creative & fun ideas for the 100th day of school.  By: Sandi M. Reyes

Orginally posted on the A to Z Teacher Stuff Forums:

  • We make necklaces with 100 Fruit Loops, strung in groups of 10 by color. The kids love this one. (Hint…sort the colors ahead of time so kids don’t spend too much time sorting and counting out)
  • I also read the story The Wolf’s Chicken Stew. The wolf tries to fatten up the chicken by cooking 100 donuts, pancakes, etc. That day, I cook 100 pancakes and the kids get to eat them.
  • Another teacher has the students estimate where they end up if they take 100 steps from their classroom and then they actually do it and see how the predictions were. She lays down 100 paper feet cutouts.
  • I number 100 circle stickers in green, red, blue, and yellow and place them around the room. Each child gets a 100 grid and a crayon for each of the colors. They have 20 minutes to find as many stickers as possible and color the space on the grid the correct color of the sticker. This year I’m assigning teams to see if they will come up with a “plan” to work together to achieve the goal faster.
  • Have the kids put on lipstick and kiss a large piece of paper 100 times. They will laugh and laugh and laugh!
  • Make a 100 stamp book with 10 pages and 10 stamps on each page.
  • Estimate and test how long it would take to do 100… jumping jacks, sit-ups, hops, spins, etc.

Also by Sandi M. Reyes:

100 Arms and Legs: KinderReaders 100th Day of School Activity Kit

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Sandi is a kindergarten teacher and creator of the popular KINDERREADERS series.

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