The Wolf’s Chicken Stew 100 Pancakes 100th Day Activity


Celebrate 100 by reading The Wolf’s Chicken Stew, graphing, and making 100 pancakes!


  • The Wolf’s Chicken Stew by Keiko Kaska
  • griddle (more than one if you can borrow)
  • pancake mix (you will need 1 whole box)
  • turner

Lesson Plan:

  • We read the book The Wolf’s Chicken Stew. We make a chart by counting and graphing all the items that the wolf makes the chicks.
  • Then we make 100 pancakes and have a feast.
  • To keep track of the number of pancakes made, place them in stacks of ten until they reach 100. You can cut this down by making the number 100, but the kids love to see the ten stacks of pancakes.
  • We usually have a feast of different choices of toppings as well. Honey, jams, etc. They love it, and what a great snack!
  • After eating we talk about which food from the book was the favorite, which had the least chosen, etc…

By: Amy Koch, Kindergarten teacher

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