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The Wolf’s Chicken Stew 100 Pancakes 100th Day Activity

Celebrate 100 by reading The Wolf’s Chicken Stew, graphing, and making 100 pancakes! Materials: The Wolf’s Chicken Stew by Keiko Kaska griddle (more than one if you can borrow) pancake mix (you will need 1 whole box) turner Lesson Plan: We read the book The Wolf’s Chicken Stew. We make a chart by counting and […]

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100th Day of School 50-50 Book

Write a book listing groups of 50 opposites. I did this with my students, and they called it “The 100 Book” because each page spread has 100 items. Materials: markers large white sheets of construction paper Book:  Ten Black Dots by Donald Crews Lesson Plan: I do this after I read Ten Black Dots which reinforces […]

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A Pumpkin Patch Art Activity

A fun art activity that ties into a pumpkin theme. It would be a great follow up to a trip to the pumpkin patch! Materials: orange paint brown bags of all sizes green pipe cleaners black precut triangles and circles bale of hay Lesson Plan: Have students paint brown paper bags with orange paint. Provide […]

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Yummy Pumpkin Treats Snack Activity

Objectives: After reading Pumpkin, Pumpkin by Jeanne Titherington we make Yummy Pumpkin Treats. This activity enhances math with counting and following directions. You will need: Pumpkin Pumpkin by Jeanne Titherington a pumpkin cookie cutter bread cream cheese raisins candy corn cereal (like Cheerios) orange food coloring Lesson Plan: Color the cream cheese orange with the […]

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The Rainbow Fish Art and Craft Activities – Paper Plate Fish, Wax Resist, Watercolor Fish

Paper Plate Rainbow Fish Materials: Book:  The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister Paper plates magic markers fish imagination hologram stickers Cut many different fish out of paper plates, one for each child. The ridges on the plates make really great fins. Lesson Plan: After reading the story Rainbow Fish, discuss the importance of being a good […]

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Alphabet Learning Centers

A growing collection of independent activities for use in alphabet learning centers. Hanging Out the Alphabet by: T. Smith This is great for Spelling Center. Put up a string up like a clothesline. Write the alphabet on clothespins. (You will write the vowels and several other frequently used letters on more than one clothespin.) The […]

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Group Cooperation Activity for Preschool or Kindergarten

This activity supports social and emotional development, as well as providing positive guidance. Objectives: The goal during this activity is to observe communication of thought, feelings and ideas. Materials: A ball of thick white yarn A group of ten children or more Lesson Plan: PREPARATION FOR ACTIVITY: Ask the kids if they think people can […]

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Dr. Seuss Activities

Cross-curricular activities for 15 Dr. Seuss books, including The Foot Book, Dr. Seuss’ ABC, If I Ran the Zoo, The Lorax, and more! The Foot Book   Paint with the kids’ feet and create your own Foot Book. Count the number of feet in your class, then recount by 2s. Play Twister. Graph shoes according to […]

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Friendship – Do You Want to Be My Friend?

Uses Eric Carle’s Do You Want to Be My Friend? to teach about friendship. Objectives: To teach social skills and how to develop friendships. Materials: Book – Do You Want to Be My Friend? by Eric Carle. Large piece of butcher paper paints Lesson Plan: Discuss the meaning of being a friend and what good qualities […]

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The Kissing Hand Activity for the First Week of School

Activities to go along with the book The Kissing Hand. Materials:  Put the following items in a book bag or backpack or shoebox: Book: The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn Heart shaped stickers Hand cut outs Journal book Pencils or crayons Lesson Plan: Read the book at either your orientation, your first day of school, or send […]

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