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Counting: Make a Cheerios Necklace

The students count to 10 or 20 by making Cheerios necklaces.  This is also a good activity for developing fine motor skills. Objectives: To learn to count to 10 (preschool) or 20 (Kindergarten). Materials: Book: The Cheerios Counting Book construction paper squares numbered 1-10 or 1-20 cheerios yarn scissors Lesson Plan: PART 1: Read the […]

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Colored Sand Art

The children try different mediums to create works of art. Materials: sand food coloring sandwich bags construction paper trays glue Lesson Plan: Pour a cup or two of sand into a sandwich bag. Have the child choose a food color and then add a few drops to the bag. Have the child shake the sand […]

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The Cheeto Walk Learning Game

Students learn number recognition, following simple rules, and listening skills. Objectives: Number recognition, following simple rules, and listening skills Materials: number cards made out of construction paper tape music tape recorder cheetos (or other edibles) small pieces of paper with numbers matching the number cards a container for small pieces of papers with the numbers […]

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Book Caterpillar Classroom Display

Make a caterpillar to display in the classroom or hallway showing each book that has been read. Parents can see the books the kids have been reading! Materials: Construction paper in a variety of colors. Black permanent marker Titles of books that have been read to the class. Plan: Use something large and round to […]

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Body Outlines

Students will make life-size body outlines. Objectives: To learn about the parts of the body. Materials: large sheets of butcher block paper (child-sized) crayons black permanent marker Lesson Plan: Have each child lay down on a piece of butcher block paper. Tell the children that you are going to draw the outline of their bodies, […]

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Benny’s Pennies Book Activity

Large group lesson using the story Benny’s Pennies.  Objectives: Incorporates rhymes, prediction, math, and recall. Materials: Book: Benny’s Pennies Flannel board Flannel board pieces Posterboard Pennies (real or cutouts) Lesson Plan: During large group, read the story, Benny’s Pennies. Have the children predict what Bennie will buy with each penny based on the illustrations. Emphasize […]

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How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World Snack Activity

Students will love this book and activity. Map skills, counting, and following directions are reinforced. Materials: How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World one refrigerator biscuit per child a can of apple pie filling cinnamon sugar Lesson Plan: Have each student press out their biscuit. Take one apple from the filling and […]

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Apples and Seasons

Use the apple tree, and The Seasons of Arnold’s Apple Tree by Gail Gibbons to teach seasonal changes. Objectives: To introduce the students to the idea that apples grow on trees and that these apple trees change as the seasons change. To provide a creative art experience for the students. To practice listening to and […]

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Apple Exploration! Learning Centers

Find several center station activities for a theme on apples and Johnny Appleseed Materials: stories about Johnny Appleseed Book by Steven Kellogg, Johnny Appleseed, A Tall Tale (Click for Ordering Information: Hardcover or Big Book) Tasting Station : apples – 5 different kinds, cut up into small sections for eating Chart Paper set up and ready to graph apple […]

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Eggs Filled With Sound-Five Senses

Plastic eggs will be filled with various objects and children will need to use their sense of hearing to figure out what is inside. Objectives: The children will be able to figure out what is inside an egg using their sense of hearing. The children will be able to make guesses and check their answers. […]

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