Sink or Float

Students discover which items sink and which items float.


  • Tub of water or small bucket
  • 5-10 small items that will sink or float in the water (I would have 5 that float and 5 that sink)
Lesson Plan:
  1. Have students in the class circle around the object that you have the water in.
  2. Talk to the children about what floating and sinking means.
  3. Hold up one item at a time and ask the students if they think that item will sink or swim.
  4. Then after they predict, put it in the water and see what happens.
  5. Talk to the children about their prediction and if they were right or not.
  6. Leave the container of water and the objects in the room and let the children play with the items in the bucket.
Grade Level(s): Preschool
By: Debbie Haren, preschool teacher

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