Complete Sentences


Students will be able to put parts of a sentence together to make a complete sentence.


  • sentence strips
  • paper
  • sentence parts

Lesson Plan:

  1. Do some warm up exercises with parts of a sentences using pieces of sentences strips. Have volunteers come to the board to put sentences in order.
  2. After the beginning exercise on the board demonstrate what the students will do will do next.
  3. Pick a strip of paper from two different bags, and put them together to form a sentence.
  4. Copy the sentence on the piece of paper.
  5. Illustrate the sentence in the space provided on the paper. (These sentences will be silly sentences)
  6. Review procedure to check for clearness in directions.
  7. Students will then pick their strips and begin work on their sentence.
  8. When the students return to their seats answer any possible questions about their sentences.
  9. Some students may have problems reading their sentences.
  10. After the students illustrate their sentences they will be able to return to the carpet with their pictures and present them to the class by reading their sentences and showing their illustration.


Grade Level(s): 1-2
By: Mandy Wallace

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