Alphabet Recognition Game


Objectives:  Students will recognize letters of alphabet

Materials:  ABC’s (I use large 3″ plastic letters)


Students participate in alphabet race:

  • Place alphabet letters on the floor at one end of the room.
  • Line the students up by two’s and call out a letter.
  • The students race to the pile and try to be the first to find the letter.
  • They then return to their group and go to the end of the line.

The group with the most letters wins.

You can modify by using two sets of letters in two separate piles and have the students start with letter A. Once they retrieve a letter, they return to their group and the next student goes. The group that collects all the letters first wins.

* Remember, mix the letters up to ensure recognition. The students love this one and have fun competing.


As a Resource teacher I work with grade levels from K-5. I have low performing 3rd graders that like this activity because it reinforces what they know and they can excel.

By: Paula Berry, Special Education

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