Being Treated Equally


To let children experience prejudice first hand, in reference to Martin Luther King Day.


Lesson Plan:

  1. Before I mention Martin Luther King, I pass out morning snacks to only half of my class. (This year I only gave them to the boys.)
  2. When the other children question this, I explain that only the boys are getting snacks today. The rest of the class will be quite put out at this point.
  3. I wait about 5-10 minutes and call them to our story rug, without any explanation for my actions. I start to read the picture book of Martin Luther King’s life.
  4. After I have completed reading the story, I ask the children who did not receive snacks how they felt about that. They are usually still very upset with me.
  5. Then I ask those who did receive snacks how they felt.
  6. Now I explain that I was demonstrating prejudice or unequal treatment.
  7. The children have a greater understanding of how unfairly black people were treated in Mr. King’s day.
  8. Finally, I give morning snack to those children I skipped earlier. I have a worksheet made to send home so the parents know about our lesson. I explain what we did and have each child express their feelings during my lesson.


As hard as it is to slight my children in this lesson, I feel that it is a real learning experience for them.

Grade Level(s): K
By: MB Farris, Kindergarten Teacher

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