Using the Internet, students will draw the flag of Australia, identify and label Australia’s major cities, and become familiar with facts about Australia’s tourists attractions and culture. Students will create a travel brochure for Australia.


Students will work with partners to visit the two sites equipped with their map to label and drawing paper to draw the flag.

They’ll visit ZoomSchool during the first session to get some basic information. (

At the second session, they’ll visit ThinkQuest to get more detailed info and see photographs. They may choose to print some of this to include in their brochure. (

Last, they will create the travel brochure with their partner. Professional brochures will be available for them to model theirs after. They will cut out their flag picture and map to glue into the brochure. They will then add appropriate pictures and information.

The ThinkQuest site has Australian lingo for the students to use for a day. The travel brochures can also be shared with the kindergartners, giving the students a chance to talk about what they’ve learned.


Grade Level(s): 1-2
By: Diane Klipfer, 2nd Grade Teacher

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