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First Day of School: I’ll Get to Know You

To welcome children to school and help them get to know one another. Materials: Book: The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein Big Buttons with a letter of the alphabet written on it, or Hershey’s miniature candies. Lesson Plan: The first activity is called, “I’ll get to know you.” The teacher (ahead of time) tapes either a big […]

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Back to School Rules

Learn the basic classroom rules to have a safe and productive year. Materials: paper pencil chalkboard chalk eraser Optional: an old phone Plan: First I talk to the students about the basic classroom rules and why they are so important. Then, we talk about how the classroom is all of ours for 180 days and […]

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Pumpkin Investigation

Make a book describing the inside and outside of a pumpkin using the five senses and observation skills. Objectives: use words to describe inside and outside of the pumpkin record descriptions on paper (in a pumpkin book) Materials: Pumpkin with a lid pre-cut Cover of book – orange construction paper cut in shape of pumpkin, […]

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Pass the Pumpkin Game

Children practice naming colors as they pass a pumpkin full of crayons. Skill: Color Recognition Materials: Large plastic pumpkin One crayon per student — use a variety of colors Plan: In a large plastic pumpkin, place one crayon per child. Use a variety of colors. Children sit in a circle and pass the pumpkin while […]

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