The Heart


The objective of this lesson is to introduce the parts of the heart and the flow of blood through the heart.


  • diagram of the heart
  • a model of the heart
  • masking tape
  • markers
  • small pieces of paper or index
  • cards
  • floor space

Lesson Plan:

  1. Before class, the teacher should draw a large diagram of the heart on the floor (this diagram should include the four chambers of the heart, valves, major veins and arteries) and also make labels of the parts of the heart.
  2. When the students arrive, vocabulary should be discussed and then students should be chosen to place the labels in the appropriate places on the heart diagram on the floor.
  3. The flow of blood through the heart should then be discussed. Arrows may also be placed on the diagram.
  4. Students can then “become” a drop of blood, walk through the heart and trace the flow of blood. Oxygenated and deoxygenated blood may also be discussed.
  5. The diagram may then be left on the floor for several days and used for review. A good follow up homework activity is to have students write a journal entry about a drop of blood traveling through the body.


I used this lesson with deaf and hard of hearing students in a high school biology class. This activity is very interactive and fun. It is a great alternative to memorizing parts of the heart from a book. Also, be patient when working with the tape… becoming skilled at drawing a heart may take some practice! Using color coordinated cards for the labels is also a good idea-red markers for parts of the heart with oxygenated blood and arrows, and blue for parts with deoxygenated blood and arrows.

Grade Level(s): 9-12
By: Amy, 9th and 10th grade biology teacher

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