Day 2: Johnny Appleseed for Little Ones Theme Unit

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Day 2 – Introduce Johnny Appleseed


Song – sung to “This Old Man”

Four red apples, on the tree
Two for you and two for me
So-o shake that tree and watch them fall
One, two, three, four, that is all.

(Use this song to review yesterday’s topic. Talk about the movie)

Show and Tell –
• Tell about John Chapman as written above. Talk about nicknames and offer it as a show and tell topic for the day. Ask the students if they have a nickname.

Story –
• Read the paper book: “Johnny Appleseed’s Gift” – they will color this as a small group activity.


Art –
• Color a picture of Johnny Appleseed.
• Color their book. Their parents can read it to them again at home.
• Students could color a Johnny Appleseed Pamphlet or each student could color their own picture with teacher written words to take turns taking home.

Science –
• Place apple seeds out on a tray for them to manipulate.

Math –
• Have them make a particular number of seeds in Johnny Appleseed’s basket. They could use the picture they colored earlier and go to a different center in the room to stamp the seeds on or use real seeds.

Snack –
• applesauce – have them make their own in small groups with teacher
• Apple fritters


Poem: ” Two Little Apples” with hand motions

Way up high in the apple tree
2 red apples winked at me
I shook that tree as hard as I could
Down came the apples
Mmmmm…. Were they good!


Watch a portion of the Disney movie “Johnny Appleseed”.

Johnny Appleseed Unit:  Intro – Day 1 – Day 2 – Day 3

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