Talking Stick: Native American Storytelling Lesson


Experiment with the Native American custom of using a stick to tell stories.


Have children remember something important they learned in the day. Discuss multicultural themes.


  • An ordinary stick found in a yard or play ground. (It must be sanded down and pointy parts broken off.)

Lesson Plan:

  1. Explain to class that Native Americans were great story tellers and they used the talking stick to tell stories.
  2. Pass the stick around and have every class member tell a story about what they learned that day.

Grade Levels: K-5

Submitted by: Joyce Chiasson, Second Grade Teacher

The teacher can make a stick for the class, or have the students create their own talking stick for an art project.  The stick can be painted various colors and decorated with feathers, string, etc.  See supplemental resources for more ideas.


Talking sticks were used by many Native American tribes during a tribal council.  Only the person holding the stick is allowed to speak and the stick was passed from person to person to ensure an orderly democratic meeting.

Supplemental Teaching Resources:

Native American Teaching Theme

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