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Butterfly Life Cycle: Biography of a Caterpillar

Students write a biography of a caterpillar using appropriate vocabulary and time lines. Materials: Chart Paper for K-W-L Story The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle and other non-fiction titles about the topic. Caterpillar eggs, appropriate environment for development of caterpillars, specific food for type of caterpillar. Magnifying glasses and observation journals. Lesson Plan: Students dictate what [...]

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Spring Potted Plants ~ Learning About Plant Growth

This is a math and science activity for learning about plant growth and measuring the progress. Objectives: The children learn about plant growth as well as gain graphing skills and other important knowlage. Materials: Plastic milk jug [empty] Planting soil Seeds of fast-growing plants Water Sun And a little TLC Lesson Plan: Take a regular [...]

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Life Cycle of a Butterfly Pasta Activity

Students will learn to identify the four stages of a butterfly’s life cycle. Materials: Butterfly patterns spiral pasta-caterpilllar shell pasta-chrysalis bow tie pasta-butterfly small pasta representing an egg crayons or markers glue Lesson Plan: Ask the students what they know about butterflies. Have they ever seen one? Have they ever touched one? What did it [...]

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Inside a Seed

Students will look inside seeds to discover the beginning of a plant, and will discuss elements that plants need to grow. Objectives: Students will look inside a seed to discover the beginning of a plant Students will discuss elements that are important for plants to grow – air, water, food Materials: lima beans; soak in [...]

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Dinofours My Seeds Won’t Grow Book Activity

Students will be able to identify what plants need to grow. Materials: Book: Dinofours My Seeds Won’t Grow clear plastic cups seeds- Lima Beans or marigolds water potting soil Lesson Plan: Read and discuss the story including talking about what seeds need to grow and what the one dinofour did that was not fair to [...]

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